Carmen Ross – Latina heat is hard to beat

Latina heat is hard to beat Latina heat is hard to beat

No woman shakes her ass quite like a thick Latina. Carmen Ross reminds us of that as soon as this scene begins. The camera focuses on her ass and Carmen, who loves dancing to Spanish music, pops her booty like her favorite Merengue song just blared onto the speakers at a poppin' nightclub.

"Do you want that ass?" she asks her stud, Lucas Stone.

"You know I do," he replies as he smacks her jiggling 44-inch apple bottom.

"I know you want this booty," she responds.

Of course, Carmen already knows he wants it, but she still likes to hear it. Who wouldn't want all of that booty? Carmen is thin in the waist, phat in the ass and we all want a taste.

Carmen isn't only about ass worship, though. She works Lucas' magic stick like a pro as she moves her lovely Latina lips up and down it. She's got great "DSL," and we aren't referring to her Internet connection. We're talking about "dick-sucking lips," and that is something any man can appreciate.

When our stud finally gets down to business with Carmen, he does more than fuck her. A woman like her requires a different touch. He beasts on her pussy from multiple positions because you have to explore every angle of that spicy, Latina twat.

They start off doggy style before he turns her around and smashes reverse cowgirl. She uses the wall as support as her booty and her pussy slide up and down his stiff rod. That's what we call caliente.

When Carmen is finally done, she takes a sticky facial.

"I love your big, black cock," she says.

Take care of a Latina and she will take care of you.

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Carmen Ross – Carmen brings the Miami heat

Carmen brings the Miami heat Carmen brings the Miami heat

Carmen Ross gets that Miami culo rocking in her first appearance at, and she takes on the big, black cock of Lucas Stone. Damn impressive for a newbie. Carmen is 5'4" with a 44-inch ass, the kind of ass that requires boy shorts. Yeah, we said it. No thongs for Carmen. Boy shorts. That's what an ass like her needs.

Carmen is a girl of few words. She's had sex with guys and girls, considers herself an exhibitionist and fucks herself with a dildo daily. Clearly, she'd rather fuck than talk.

"I love big, black cocks," Carmen said, almost drooling as Lucas took his hard-on out of his pants. "Give it to me!"

You just can't say no to a girl like this.

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Mazzaratie Monica – Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

"Oh, yes," Mazzaratie Monica says. "Let me jiggle that white ass on your face."

She didn't have to ask our stud Rocky twice as he devoured her 52-inches of booty. Ass like that is made for ass-clapping and booty-popping. Mazzaratie knows all about that from her time dancing at strip clubs, and she shows off her skills here.

Rocky is a man who needs to get his fill of booty, though. And he makes sure Mazzaratie's is ready to be filled as he sticks one, then two, then three and finally four fingers up her asshole.

"Oh, I don't know if I can do four," Mazzaratie says before he slips his fourth finger in.

"Oh, you can do four," Rocky replies as he stretches her out even further.

Mazzaratie hops on his cock and causes a booty earthquake as her ass bounces off of him. This is only a taste of what's to come. Gotta get that rock-hard cock nice and wet before slipping it into her ass.

"God, I love your fucking dick in my ass," Mazzaratie says. "I love watching that go in my ass. That big, fat dick inside my white ass."

After getting filled, Mazzaratie gets the perfect creampie her ass was made for.

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Mazzaratie Monica – Mazzaratie Has 52 Inches of Pleasure

Mazzaratie Has 52 Inches of Pleasure Mazzaratie Has 52 Inches of Pleasure

With 52 inches of voluptuous ass, Mazzaratie Monica brings the saying, "pull over, that ass too phat," to life. But she not only has an amazing, thick ass, she knows how to use it. She sits on our stud's face, and he loves every second he's suffocated by her juicy ass and pussy.

"I love to make it clap, when I make guest appearances at strip clubs," Mazzaratie said. "I really love to sit on faces. My pussy gets wet thinking about it."

She's also an expert with a cock in either her mouth or her pussy. Her sweet pussy takes his cock reverse-cowgirl before they switch it up and fuck doggy style. With an ass like Mazzaratie's, no man can hold off an explosion for too long, and our stud releases his load onto her pretty pink asshole. Fifty-two inches of pleasure and we're sure there were more than 52 moments of fun.

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Lana Sky – Ass Worshipping Lana Sky

Ass Worshipping Lana Sky Ass Worshipping Lana Sky

There are few situations better than a sexy woman wearing next to nothing, you with your cock rock-hard and ready to go and a bottle of lotion nearby to oil up a babe before you fill her up.

"I love to have my tits sucked and my ass worshipped," said Lana Sky.

This stud wasted no time with that as he gave Lana a delicious rim job and ate her pussy from the back with her ass draped on his face.

Lana likes to play with men and women, but with the guy's dick throbbing and pumping inside of her doggy style, she gets a healthy dose of what she loves about a man.

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Lana Sky – Fly With Lana Sky

Fly With Lana Sky Fly With Lana Sky

Lana Sky likes to stay active. She ran cross-country and track in high school and doesn't mind getting out with the boys and playing a little beach football. Of course, she likes to keep her mouth busy, too.

"I love to have cock in my mouth," she says.

These words are music to any man's ears, and when you see Lana go to work on a cock, you know she's telling the truth.

Lana says she likes to be assertive sexually, but if you're a man that will put her into her place, you'll leave her dripping.

"I love a man who can dominate me," she said. "I want him to make me beg for more. I want him to make me work my pussy for him."

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Sienna Dream – Taste Sienna’s Chocolate-Flavored Sugar Seat

Taste Sienna's Chocolate-Flavored Sugar Seat Taste Sienna's Chocolate-Flavored Sugar Seat

Sienna Dream's apple bottom was made for snug-fitting boy shorts. Rocking a pair of sexy wedges with her ass and thighs oiled up and glistening, it's no surprise when she tells us she is constantly complimented on her phat booty.

"Guys will just walk up to me all the time," she said. "They'll be talking to me, and I'll turn around for a second, and they are like 'Damn, you have a fat ass!' I like hearing that."

Sienna gives us glimpses of her ability to pop and rock that fat ass, and if you love ass as much as we do, it's a beautiful sight to see.

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Kaleah Korrine – Kaleah Gets Jolly

Kaleah Gets Jolly Kaleah Gets Jolly

Nothing gets a man in the holiday spirit more than big booties and big presents, and preferably they come in that order. Kaleah Korrine is both as she's dolled up in a sexy, red outfit with her huge ass serving as the perfect bow on top.

Our stud Big Pike knows exactly what to do with his presents as he wastes little time ripping Kaleah's clothes off and feeding her his cock in her mouth and pussy.

"Oh, fuck me good," she says. "Fuck me good."

Pike bangs her pussy out doggy style after that and when he's finally done, he releases his thick man juice all over her ass.

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Kaleah Korrine – Take A Ride With Kaleah

Take A Ride With Kaleah Take A Ride With Kaleah

Most people visit Six Flags Magic Mountain for a fun-filled day with rides and excitement. Kaleah Korrine isn't most people, though.

"I had a threesome at Magic Mountain," she said. "It was hot. We were behind one of the rides. My man was fucking me from the back while I was eating the girl's pussy out."

That's a merry-go-round any of us would love to take several spins on. Kaleah describes herself as a pretty down-to-earth and laid back girl. She's a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, plays poker, and Clueless is her favorite movie. But you'll have to separate yourself from the pack if you want to take a ride with her.

"How a man approaches me is a big deal to me," Kaleah said. "I like a man with confidence who knows what he wants from me."

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Samantha Suarez – Latina lady lumps

Latina lady lumps Latina lady lumps

When you think about young women from Miami, girls like Samantha Suarez come to mind. She's a young Latina with tan skin, a thin waist, thick thighs, and a nice, plump ass.

"Honestly, who doesn't like a Latin girl with a really fat booty?" Samantha said.

We certainly do. Those heels were made for walkin', and the jean shorts were made to get eyes poppin' out of every man's head.

A body like hers has to be put to good use, and Samantha makes sure it is--and with easy access to her ass.

"Well, I like to fuck with my heels on," she said. "That is one of my favorite things. I always wear heels, and I think they bring my ass up to a guy's hand level, so it makes it easier to handle this booty."

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